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For one's own salvation and for the welfare of the world
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"Many are the names of God and infinite the forms through which He may be approached."
— Sri Ramakrishna
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"If you want peace, do not find fault with others. Rather, see your own faults. Learn to make the world your own. None is a stranger, my child; the world belongs to your intimate circle."
— Sri Sarada Devi
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"The Light Divine within is obscured in most people. It is like a lamp in a cask of iron, no gleam of light can shine through. Gradually, by purity and unselfishness, we can make the obscuring medium less and less dense, until at last it becomes transparent as glass."
— Swami Vivekananda
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"He is the source of light in luminous objects. He is beyond the spiritual ignorance. He is the source of knowledge, He is to be known, and one attains Him through knowledge. He is there in everyone's heart."
— Bhagavad-Gītā 13. 18
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"We meditate upon the adorable effulgence of the divine entity from which life proceeds (the entity of which the sun is the manifestation). May that entity inspire us with a subtle intellect!"
— Rig Veda 3. 62. 10
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"Lead me from what is transitory to what is eternal.
Lead me from darkness to Light.
Lead me from death to immortality."

— Brihadâranyaka upanishad 1. 3. 28
The core of the Vedantic Centre Geneva is a spiritual community. The particularities of this Centre are its openness vis-à-vis different faiths or spiritual groups, the accent given on the interior transformation without forgetting the duty towards the marginalised, and its engagement in the inter-religious dialogue. The community around us is attracted by the harmony between the Vedantic vision and modern findings in the domain of physics, and the potentiality of applying this vision in modern lives lived in the midst of almost perpetual stress. A committee, consisting of persons living in the Greater Geneva zone, looks after the organisational aspect of the Centre, and a monk caters to the spiritual need of the community.